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Airoh Helios Up Grey Matt XS HEUP81

Photos - Motorcycle Helmet Airoh Helios Up Grey Matt XS HEUP81
Airoh Helios Up Grey Matt XS HEUP81
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Airoh Up Open Face Helmet Black XS PAI31A13ELIHZ1C

Airoh´s new tech-jet represents the evolution of the open helmet, with high-level features that make it suitable to meet the needs of the most demanding users in terms of comfort and style.Helios is able to perfectly fit everyone and its features include an integrated Sun Screen Visor, Bluetooth-Ready, adjustable micrometric buckle, fully removable... moreand washable hypoallergenic inner-lining, with contrast stitching, air ventilation and extraction system with a carbon-look finish.The innovative Custom kit included in the package lets you use Helios without visor, for a modern classic look.Retention System:- Micrometric System Ventilation:- Top Vent - Rear Extractor - Side Vents Visor:- Scratch Resistant - Uv Resistant Sun Screen Visor:- UV resistant Inner Lining:- Removable and washable inner lining - Hypoallergenic Inside The Box:- Custom Kit Specifications:- Material:Thermoplastic HRT - Weight:From 1250 g ±50 g
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Airoh Helios Up Grey Matt XS HEUP81

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