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Defender sTarx GM-390L (52390)

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Defender sTarx GM-390L Gaming Mouse Macro Editor DPI Selector 800/1800/240

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Defender sTarx GM-390L
Product typemouse
InterfaceUSB A
Cable length1.5 m
Typefor game
Sensor and control
Sensor resolution1200 – 3200 DPI
Max. acceleration8 G
Max. speed30 ips
Number of buttons7
Side buttons
DPI-button / 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 /
Scroll wheels1
DPI level indicator
Programmable buttons
Weight adjustment
Added to E-Catalogdecember 2018

Additional customizable buttons. Weights included. Metal legs. RGB backlight. Fire software feature for shooter fans.
Not suitable for lefties.

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Universal Soldier

Defender sTarx GM-390L is a low-cost gaming mouse without strict binding to any particular gaming genre. Complete weights allow you to easily adjust the weight of the manipulator: lighter for RTS strategies and MOBAs, or heavier for shooters. In the first case, the high speed of moving the cursor from one edge of the screen to another is important, and in the second, the ability to abruptly stop the mouse for precise aiming.

Strictly for righties

The shape of the sTarx GM-390L is slightly asymmetric, for the right hand, with stops for the thumb and little finger, so that the hand is less tired. Lefties can theoretically use this mouse, but it's not recommended, they'd still be better off choosing a fully symmetrical model. The cover of the case is made of grippy soft-touch plastic. All this is complemented by a colorful iridescent RGB backlight.

Perfect glide

Especially for those who complain about quickly erasable plastic mouse legs, the sTarx GM-390L has them made of metal, that is, they are as durable as possible and slide well. The resolution of the optical sensor can be adjusted with a pair of dedicated keys from 800 to 3200 DPI. The Defender sTarx GM-390L cable is fabric-braided and with reliable kink protection at the point of attachment to the mouse.

Macros for victory

On the right are three additional keys, on the left — one more. On all of them, through the Defender Game Centre application, you can bind macros, that is, quickly performed sequences of actions in games, for example, the procast of several spells in order. The Fire software function deserves special attention, it allows you to programme one of the keys to shoot single shots to reduce spread.