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Privacy policy and cookies settings

We use cookies so you can control E-Catalog services personalization even without logging into your account. You can change those settings at any time on this page. To know how we process the data recieved via your usage of our services read our Privacy policy.

Those cookies are essential for proper website functioning. You can customize the website with their help (choose language, change the ways items are shown and save your cookie settings). Also these cookies will be used if you sign in and/or save/compare/choose items.
Permanent cookies don't contain ANY personal information and are stored for 12 months.

We use Google Analytics as service for tracking user activity on our website. Gathered information (including your IP address and other info recieved automatically) will be shared with Google Analytics service. All gathered data is anonymous.

We can't control nor this web analytics service, neither data gathered by it, even if this data is given outside EU, because this service providers are in USA. But we think it's essential to mention it so you have clear and full info on how your data is used, which may require your prior consent in some cases. Use this link to know more.

Our website may use other analytics services and plugins providers. Those services help us analyze user activity on our website and gather this type of data (including your IP address and other info recieved automatically). All gathered data is anonymous.

Important: settings of cookies acceptance or refusal are saved into separate cookie file (ek_cookie_policy_settings), which stores only the info about your choice, but won't give us any of your personal data. This file contains only your settings of cookies policy for ek.ua for the term of 6 months.

How to accept or refuse cookies policy with browser?

Your browser will inform you on how you will recieve notifications for different types of cookie files and how to limit them or turn them off.

This is described in Help menu of your browser, you can learn how to change cookie settings there. Any settings you will change can affect your Internet browsing experience and your access to specific services that require cookies to work properly.

You can tweak your devices to accept all the cookies, or notify you about generating cookies, or never accept cookies. Choosing the last option means you won't be given specific personalized features thus you won't be able to use the potential of the website fully.

If you don't want to recieve cookies at all or decide to refuse specific types of cookies, you can change the according settings of your browser.

Also you can refuse using cookies on this page. We strongly recommend to get information on how and what for they are used before refusing.