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All about the Thunderbolt protocol
Let's figure out what the protocol from Apple and Intel is, why it is needed and why Thunderbolt is not the same as USB-C
Use of NFC technology in household appliances, smart home and wearable devices
NFC is not only smart payments. Let's figure how and why this technology is used in other areas
Home cinema: 5 LED home theater projectors
High-quality projectors with light sources on conventional and laser LEDs for creating a cinema hall at home
How to organize remote work during power outages
Autonomous work on a laptop without the use of smoky generators and expensive charging stations
Deciphering the labeling of Sony TVs in 2020
Features of marking, decoding of designations and general standards of Sony TVs
How to choose a TV diagonal and resolution for your room?
Is it always worth taking a larger TV? Perhaps 55" will be too much for a small room, but 32" is a perfect option?
Five of the best TVs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X
Advanced smart TVs with a 55-inch screen and the ability to output a signal in 4K at 120 fps