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Useful gadgets for programmers that increase efficiency
USB hub, widescreen monitor, comfortable chair and other useful gadgets for coders and IT industry workers
5 gaming chairs for dedicated gamers
If you sit at the computer for hours, then it is better to do it with maximum comfort
What is Sous vide technology (sous vide) and is it needed in the home kitchen
Cooking homemade dishes "under vacuum" will expand the family menu and pleasantly surprise your guests
Differences between gaming, regular and orthopedic chair
What is the difference between gaming chair and regular one? And what kind of «beast» is orthopedic model?
What do the symbols on clothing labels mean?
Understanding the meaning of pictograms used for washing, spinning, drying, ironing, bleaching, and dry cleaning clothes
How to choose UPS
Methods for choosing UPS for boiler, computer, refrigerator and other equipment
How to get through the winter: autonomous house
Autonomous sources of electricity, heat and hot water to comfortably get through the winter
Li-Ion or LiFePO4: What’s best for charging station and UPS?
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of lithium batteries used in charging stations and UPS