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What is a Mesh-system, how does it work and who is it suitable for?
A detailed analysis of seamless Wi-Fi coverage technology and comparison between mesh devices and traditional repeaters
Protect your laptop: choosing the best transportation method
We study all the nuances of transporting laptop and select accessories that will provide it with reliable protection
The best gaming mice with a highly sensitive sensor
TOP 5 deadly weapons for gamers with the latest variations of advanced optical sensors
How to run BIOS on laptop or PC
Secrets and nuances of accessing BIOS firmware on PCs and laptops of different brands
All about the Thunderbolt protocol
Let's figure out what the protocol from Apple and Intel is, why it is needed and why Thunderbolt is not the same as USB-C
Alternative to a laptop: the best tablets for work
The detachable keyboard makes it easy to turn the tablet into a kind of compact laptop