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BenQ Zowie S1-C (9H.N3JBB.A2E)

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BenQ Zowie S1-C
Product type
Cable length
2 m
for game
PixArt 3360
Sensor resolution
400 – 3200 DPI
Polling rate
125/500/1000 Hz (8/2/1 ms)
Number of buttons
Side buttons
/ bottom of the case /
Scroll wheels
Size (LxWxH)
123x66x40 mm
72 g
Official Website
Added to E-Catalog
april 2024

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BenQ ZOWIE S1-C Symmetrical Gaming Mouse for Esports Weight-Reduced Paraco

3360 sensor, Symmetrical design for palm grip and claw grip users Shorter overall length allowing users’ to easily wrap around and hold the mouse. there’s enough space between the palm and back edge of the mouse so users can move freely during vertical movements Reduced weight. paracord cable. 24-step scroll wheel, Plug and play (No driver needed... more), 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI adjustment, Adjustable USB report rate 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz. Perfect lift-off distance, One other size available : S2-C (S) For typical palm grip users, the front side of the mouse is widened to provide extra support for lifting the mouse and ensuring a secure grip For typical claw grip users, the concave curve design provides more support for the fingers, which allows claw grip users to lift the mouse easily
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ZOWIE S1-C mouse Ambidextrous USB Type-A 3200 DPI 9H.N3JBB.A2E

Zowie S1-C Esports Gaming Mouse (USB/Black/3200dpi/5 Buttons/Medium)
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Zowie 9H.N3JBB.A2E

Vertical MovementFor vertical movement, the S-series design provides more forward palm support as the hump is closer to the center.The shorter overall design provides more space allowing users to perform vertical movements freely.For different grips.The front of the mouse is widened to provide additional support for lifting the mouse and ensuring a... moresecure grip.The concave curve design provides more support for the fingers, allowing users with claw grip to lift the mouse easily.Sides Curved concaves designed to lift the mouse easily.The front end of the mouse is raised to provide more space to place the fourth finger and little finger, easier to adjust and find a suitable position.With the smooth and seamless design of the S series , you will not experience any discomfort related to uneven edges or bumps made solely for aesthetic reasons.S-C SeriesAvailable sizes:S1-C / S2-C.Reduced weight for greater flexibility and stability of movementSoft, flexible cable produces less bounce and drag during aggressive movementsRaised, inclined connection point with cable restriction to reduce the chance of the cable rubbing against the mouse pad.24 scroll wheel steps with clear indentations for each step.Accessory sold separately:Quick replacement of mouse feet for a different sliding feel.The humps of mice are symmetrical.High profile, peak is closer to the middle (compared to ZA), more space between the palm near the wrist and the mouse.The front ends of the mice are symmetrical.Raised front end to provide more room for the fourth finger.Specifications:-Width:66 mm.-Depth:123 mm.-Height:40 mm.-Weight:72 g.-Power source:Cable.-Quantity 1.-Cable length:2 m.-Form factor:right hand.-Product color:Black.-Surface coloring:Monotone.-Ergonomic iron design:Yes.-Purpose with:Game.-Device interface:USB type A.-Scrolling type:Wheel.-Quantity of buttons:5.-Type of buttons:Pressed buttons.-Motion resolution:3200 DPI.-Polling frequency:125,500,1000 Hz.-Number of scroll wheels:1.-Adjustable polling rate:Yes.
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Zowie Gear Zowie S1-C

Gaming Mouse / USB Interface / Sensor PixArt PMW3360 / Motion Sensor Optical / Max. Resolution 3,200 DPI / Number of Keys 5 / Signal Frequency 1,000 Hz
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