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Canyon CND-SGM20

Photos - Mouse Canyon CND-SGM20
Canyon CND-SGM20
Product typemouse
InterfaceUSB A
Cable length1.65 m
Typefor game
Sensor and control
Sensor resolution12000 DPI
Number of buttons5
Side buttons
Scroll wheels1
Programmable buttons
Size (LxWxH)126x68x40 mm
Weight110 g
Added to E-Catalognovember 2020
Optical sensor Pixart 3360 with a resolution of 12000 DPI. Breathable perforated shell. Light weight 65 g. Soft pliable cable. RGB backlight.

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Breathable shell

Canyon Puncher GM-20 is a gaming mouse made according to the latest technological trend for abundant perforations. This was done for several reasons. Firstly, the weight of the mouse is reduced and, as a result, hand fatigue. Secondly, the palm breathes, sweats less and the mouse does not slip out in the heat of intense multiplayer battles.

For Windows and macOS

Thirdly, RGB diodes shine through the perforation more beautifully. Moreover, the holes in the Puncher GM-20 are not made in the form of identical circles or hexagons, like in other mice, but in the form of triangles, rhombuses and trapezoids of different sizes. The white version of the mouse will look especially beautiful when paired with a MacBook or iMac, because support for the macOS operating system is also announced (popular games are also ported for it).

Switching on the fly

The Puncher GM-20 is based on the Pixart 3360 optical sensor with a resolution of 1000 to 12000 DPI. You can adjust in steps of 200 DPI both through Canyon proprietary software and a dedicated button on top of the mouse. Thanks to this, it is convenient to change the cursor movement speed, for example, in shooters for more accurate aiming from a sniper rifle.

Not burdensome tail

Two more customizable buttons are located on the side, under the thumb of the right hand. So, despite the generally symmetrical shape, the Puncher GM-20 is unlikely to be comfortable for left-handers. Under a pair of main keys are microswitches for 10 million clicks. The weight of the mouse is only 65 grams, excluding cable. The wire itself is soft and pliable, without annoying memory effect.

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