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Cooler Master MasterMouse MM731

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Cooler Master MasterMouse MM731
Product typemouse
Connectionradio / Bluetooth / wired
Bluetooth versionv 5.1
InterfaceUSB A
Cable length1.8 m
Range10 m
Typefor game
Sensor and control
Sensor resolution400 – 19000 DPI
Max. acceleration50 G
Max. speed400 ips
Number of buttons4
Side buttons
DPI-button / at the bottom of the hull /
Scroll wheels1
DPI level indicator
Optimal grippalmar, claw
Programmable buttons
Lighting effects+
Power sourcebattery / 500 mAh /
Battery time8 days
Size (LxWxH)122x69x39 mm
Weight59 g
Official Websitecoolermaster.com
Added to E-Catalogjanuary 2022


A fairly advanced and easy-to-use gaming computer mouse with a high-precision optical sensor, a combined type of connection to a PC / laptop and a fairly large, but at the same time extremely light body. The device is dressed in a stylish black case with minimalistic RGB backlighting with effects. The model is optimized for maximum comfort and control accuracy with palmar and claw grips.

First of all, let's pay attention to the fact that the total weight of the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM731 computer mouse is a minimum of 59 g. The device is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution adjustable within 400 - 19000 DPI, which, moreover, can provide incredible resolution even with extremely sharp accelerations ( up to 50 G) and high movement speeds (up to 400 ips).

But the DPI adjustment button is at the bottom of the case. But the set of buttons is strictly typical, as for a modern model: two main and two additional side buttons located on the left side of the case. But the buttons use fast and reliable optical switches. The mouse also provides maximum variability in connection methods: radio, Bluetooth v 5.1, wired USB interface. At the same time, it provides a convenient ability to pair with several devices at the same time and quickly switch between them.

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Cooler Master Cooler Master MM731 Wireless Matte Black Gaming Mouse MICOO-

The MM731 retains the innovative spirit of Cooler Master while maintaining the familiar aesthetic of classic gaming mice. Each prograde feature is intended to give you lightspeed responsiveness in the blink of an eye: genuine PTFE feet for unrivaled glide, hybrid 2.4GHz/Bluetooth wireless for supreme versatility, adjustable 19,000 DPI optical senso... morer, and optical micro switches for superior durability and input. With all of that housed in a super-lightweight, revolutionary new ergonomic shell design that reduces the weight to 59g, the MM731 truly is less than the sum of its parts. FAMILIAR LOOKS, DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT FEEL The MM731 retains the classic design of your favourite pro-grade mice with a sleek ergonomic profile optimized for right-handed gamers. However, an incredibly clever structured design within the housing significantly reduces the weight, clocking in at less than 59g while still retaining a durable shell. POWERFUL BATTERY Equipped with a 500mAh battery, the MM731 gives you 190 hours when connected via Bluetooth without needing to recharge, and up to 72 hours when connected via 2.4GHz wireless (with LED OFF), letting you fully focus on gaming/work instead of worrying about where you stored your batteries. GAMING-GRADE OPTICAL SENSOR FOR PRO-GRADING GAMING Outfitted with a 19000 DPI Pixart optical sensor for minimal lag, little-to-no stuttering, and accuracy you won't find in your clunky pack-in mouse - now improved tenfold thanks to massively reduced weight. And in case you need to favour pinpoint precision over speed, the DPI is instantly adjustable, giving you the ability to make real-time adjustments depending on game, class, and playstyle. STYLISH RGB ACCENTS FOR FORM AND FUNCTION The MM731 comes with RGB lighting on the logo for a splash of personality to your game. It's not just for flashy good looks either - the LEDs can also serve as a handy indicator for your currently assigned DPI. HYBRID WIRELESS GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM The MM731 is built for cordcutters and stubborn traditionalists alike. Operate the mouse in legacy wired mode, or ditch the cord for two types of wireless functionality: lag-free 2.4GHz wireless or state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity PERFORMANCE ENHANCING GEAR Cooler Master have already outfitted your mouse right out of the box with PTFE feet, a common mod in enthusiast mice circles. Think of them more as mouse skates, providing the kind of effortless glide and premium responsiveness that you can't find in other stock mice. In case you're wondering, these are graded at more than 95% PTFE for an uncut boost to your movements. COMPETE WITH POWER The MM731 gives you an advantage in both durability and responsiveness with optical micro switches. These state-of-the-art babies use optical components to give you near-instantaneous actuation - with input that registers nearly three times faster than those from mechanical switches. In addition, the lack of moving parts means higher APMs with considerably less
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Cooler Master Peripherals MM731 mouse Right-hand Bluetooth + USB Type- MM-

Cooler Master Peripherals MM731 mouse Right-hand Bluetooth + USB Type-A Optical
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Cooler Master Cooler Master MM731 Black

Gaming Mouse / RF Interface / Motion Sensor Optical / Max. Resolution 19,000 DPI / Number of Keys 6 / Signal Frequency 1,000 Hz
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