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SteelSeries QcK Gaming (63004)

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SteelSeries QcK Gaming
Pad type
Size (LxWxT)
320x270x2 mm
Pad shape
Surface material
Base material
Added to E-Catalog
december 2015

Good fit on the table.
No braided edges.

High-quality fabric gaming pad oversized (M) from the famous manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals and accessories. It is positioned as a product of the middle price category, aimed at both gaming enthusiasts and e-sportsmen, as well as ordinary gamers. In addition, it will be useful in work tasks, the effective solution of which requires fast and most accurate cursor positioning, for example, in graphic design.

Thanks to its moderately enlarged size (320x270 mm), the SteelSeries QcK Gaming mat will fit on a regular computer desk without any problems. At the same time, its area is sufficient for making amplitude movements with the manipulator without disruptions and annoying loss of control over the cursor. Perfect for gamers who prefer to use low and ultra-low mouse sensitivity. The working surface of the pad has a branded lint-free fabric coating, which guarantees the most accurate positioning of all types of optical and laser sensors of any models of game controllers. Smooth glide with barely noticeable resistance prevents accidental movements without unnecessary strain on the gamer's hand. The elastic base made of porous rubber with a thickness of 2 mm does not slip on the tabletop even with the most intensive use. The rug is wear-resistant and easily tolerates delicate wet cleaning using mild household chemicals.

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Video reviews

Versatility comes first

It is unlikely that there will be those who have not heard about products from the SteelSeries brand. The company produces a lot of devices for gamers, and now it's got to the mouse pads. This model is designed for professional use by e-sportsmen, and does not have a narrow specialization of Speed or Control. Using the surface is equally convenient in shooters, strategies, RPGs and MMORPGs. Both optical and laser mice perform well on it, and a sufficiently large size (320x270 mm) ensures comfortable movement at any sensor settings.

Classic is always appreciated

Perhaps the device is one of the most popular among gamers from all over the world. The top layer is made of velvety to the touch fabric, the bottom layer is rubber non-slip. Everything was done with high quality and conscientiously, but in a classic shade without patterns, there is a problem. The rug is very easily soiled, and gets dirty quickly enough, so washing will be frequent.

Can't move

An interesting point is that the substrate is sticky and adheres well to any surface, from varnished wood to metal. Despite the quality of the materials and the fact that the rug does not slip at all on the table, the lack of a braid around the edges is frustrating. This does not affect functionality, but affects the duration of operation.

A high-quality mat, the comfort of which is recognized by the most famous e-sportsmen in the world, which is the best recommendation for its purchase.

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