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Julbo Plasma Black Yellow/CAT1

Photos - Ski Goggles Julbo Plasma  Black Yellow/CAT1
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Julbo Plasma Ski Goggles Black Yellow/CAT1
Plasma OTG has all the quality of Plasma goggles but with added features for glasses wearers. Helmet compatible, it's also designed to provide room for glasses temples thanks to its cutaway chassis. The result is real sun protection, a great look and total comfort throughout the day whatever the conditions. Features:- Cylindrical lens- Anti-fog coating- Overstrap: Offset strap for adaptation to all types of helmet.- Anatomic frame: Cuts on the frame for more flexibility.- Soft Foam: Single density foam.- OTG (over the glasses) foam: Thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.- Air Flow: Integrated air fl ow in lenses, preventing fogging.
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