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Bobike One Plus Junior S 8740900007

Photos - Kids Bike Seat Bobike One Plus Junior S 8740900007
Bobike One Plus Junior S 8740900007
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Bobike One Plus Mtb Helmet Orange S 8740900007

Let's brighten up the streets. Our Bobike ONE safety seats are available in nine colors and we have helmets to match each and every one of them. The colorful matte helmets feature an in-mold construction and an expanded protective area to increase safety. The adjustable dial retention system ensures a perfect fit. The chin straps are soft and lock... morein a 3-point safety harness. Two rear reflective stickers increase visibility when it gets dark out. A bug net will keep your child safe from flying insects and 10 cooling vents keep your child's head cool.Specifications:- Weight: 220 g / 0,49lb
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Bobike One Plus Junior S 8740900007

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