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Microsoft Bluetooth Monza

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Microsoft Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse White

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Microsoft Bluetooth Monza
Product type
10 m
Sensor resolution
1000 DPI
Number of buttons
Scroll wheels
Power source
Size (LxWxH)
100x58x38 mm
78 g
Added to E-Catalog
august 2020

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Microsoft's compact Bluetooth mouse

The compact Microsoft Monza Bluetooth mouse has a fairly simple design and a minimal set of functions necessary for simple daily activities. The mouse is made of plastic with a soft touch coating, which makes it pleasant to the touch and resistant to scratches. It is worth noting that it has a symmetrical body, so it is equally well suited for right-handed and left-handed people.

Range of 10 metres and up to one year of battery life

According to our measurements, the range of receiving a bluetooth signal in an average office with walls and partitions is about 5 metres, and in open space, all 10 metres are obtained, which is more than enough for domestic use. The case weighs 78 grams, which is the golden mean: not too heavy, but at the same time weighty enough to feel its presence. It is powered by one AA battery, which, as the creators promise us, should be enough for a year of work. However much will depend on the batteries themselves, the time of use and even the temperature in the room.

Thoughtful ergonomics

The mouse itself is very convenient to use, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, does not slip out of your hand during sudden movements, for example, when you need to abruptly close a video with cats if the boss passes by the workplace. It has an optical sensor with an indicator of 1000 DPI, which, as already mentioned, is quite enough for standard tasks - to shoot terrorists in CS: GO or work with spreadsheets in Excel. Of the shortcomings of the mouse, only a harsh wheel “like in the good old days” and a louder, in comparison with analogues, sound of pressing buttons comes to mind. Otherwise, this is a great option for a high-quality and relatively affordable mouse from a well-known brand.