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Scheppach MIX65 63 L
230 V

Photos - Cement Mixer Scheppach MIX65 63 L 230 V
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Scheppach MIX65
Type of drive
gear ring
Drum capacity
63 L
Mix type
Drum/blade speed
28 rpm
Engine speed
2850 rpm
Max. power
220 W
230 V
Drum tilt lock
116.1x55x93.5 cm
25 kg
Official Website
Added to E-Catalog
march 2023

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230 V

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Scheppach MIX65 63ltr Hobby Cement Mixer - 220w 240v 5908408904

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Scheppach Mix65 65L Hobby Cement Mixer 230V 5908408904

With 63 litres, the MIX65 tool from Scheppach has sufficient capacity for smaller construction works around the house and garden. Features include 220W electric motor, 63 L mixing drum, adjustable drum swivel for easy filling, and 27.5 rpm mixing speed. Its compact size makes it easy to store between occasional uses. Features: 220W electric motor W... moreelded bottom drum provides better strength 63 L capacity drum – max. load capacity 55 kg Wheels for mobility Easy filling due to low drum pivot point Labyrinth housing to prevent water splashing and dual fans for better cooling Durable and robust – ideal for home and DIY use 27.5 rpm mixing speed Specifications: Dimensions: H:93.5 x W:55.0 x D:116.1 cm Colour: Blue Guarantee:1 year Material: Steel Model Number: 5908408904 Self Assembly Required: Yes
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Scheppach Scheppach Mix65 Hobby Concrete Mixer (230V)

With a capacity of 63 Litres, the Mix65 Hobby Concrete Mixer from Scheppach has sufficient capacity for little construction works around the house and garden. Its compact size makes it easy to store between occasional uses. Thanks to the drum’s low pivot point, filling from a barrow is made less labour-intensive. A 220 Watt motor provides... morea steady 27.5 revolutions per minute, ideal for making ready-to-use mixtures of concrete mortar, plaster or screed from individual building materials.
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