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Wagner W 100 (2361507)

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Wagner W 100
paint sprayer
Power consumption
280 W
Paint consumption
0.11 L/min
Maximum viscosity
90 DIN
Nozzle size
2.5 mm
Container volume
800 mL
Tank material
1.3 kg
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february 2018

Precise spray. Perfect for delicate painting of small details.

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WAGNER Wood&Metal paint sprayer W 100 for varnishes and glazes - interior

For all low-viscosity solvent-based and water-based materials, such as enamels and varnishes, protective wood-staining products, primers and oils For small to medium-sized projects, such as fences, furniture and garage doors Extra-fine atomisation for uniform coverage in a single coat Separable gun for fast spray attachment changes and comfortab... morele cleaning Air jacket encloses spray jet for minimum masking work The 3-way adjustable paint jet can be adapted perfectly to the object to be painted Continuous regulation of material volume for precise painting
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Wagner W 100 Wood & Metal Sprayer 280W 240V WAGW100

The Wagner Spraytech W 100 Wood & Metal Sprayer is ideal for small to medium-sized projects, such as fences, decking, windows and furniture. Suitable for use with solvent or water based wood and metal paints including wood preservative, gloss, satin, undercoat, stain, varnish and many more. The extra-fine atomisation provides uniform paint coverage... morewith a single coat and there is an air jacket that surrounds the spray jet to minimise over-spray. Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment, the paint, refill or clean the gun. It has 3 paint jet settings to perfectly match the object being painted and has a fully adjustable paint flow for precision painting. The Advantages of Spraying - Fast and easy application of paint on surfaces, corners and edges. - Professional superior finish with no brush or roller marks. - Achieve an even coverage of paint with a single coat. Specification Input Power 280W Atomisation Power 65W Paint Delivery Rate 0 - 110ml/min. Max. Viscosity 90 DIN-sec. Tank Capacity 800ml
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Wagner 417921 Container with Cover for Paint sprayers White 1400 ml Wagner

To store left-over paint (enamels and varnishes) Tank capacity: 1400 ml With removable cover Suitable for the following Wood&Metal paint spray systems: W 100, W 150, W 200, W 300 Suitable for wood and metal paints including. gloss, satin, undercoat, stain, varnish wood preservatives and many more Perfect for spraying fencing, decking, garden f... moreurniture, doors, skirting, windows and other wood or metal surfaces Fully adjustable paint volume for ultimate control Click and Paint handle to quickly change the paint pot, refill or clean
Delivery: to United Kingdom

WAGNER Wood&Metal paint sprayer W 100 for varnishes and glazes - interior

Ideal for small to medium-sized projects Such as fences, decking, windows and furniture For use with solvent/water based wood & metal paints Uniform paint coverage with a single coat 3 paint jet settings to match the object being painted
Delivery: to United Kingdom
Video reviews

Quality electric spray gun for small jobs

A key feature of the Wagner W 100 sprayer is the high quality of painting (by the standards of electric models, it is obviously higher for pneumatic spray guns). The device does not "spit" paint, does not spray it in different directions and does not leave streaks. The paintwork material falls only on those parts of the surface where the nozzle is directed. In this case, the mixture flies out of the nozzles in the form of a finely dispersed composition, without large drops. Therefore, "Wagner" ideally paints over small details and irregularities on any surface. The ability of this device to carefully process small parts, by the way, is highly valued by confectioners. They use the Wagner W 100 to apply chocolate and icing to cakes, pastries and other confectionery products.

Slowly but surely

The reverse side of accuracy and accuracy is the low performance of the device. The material consumption is only 0.11 L/min (can be adjusted from zero to maximum), and therefore the maximum painting speed does not exceed 0.5 m2/min. But we note that even this speed is much faster and more performant than working with a roller and brush.

Adjusting the nozzle allows you to change the shape of the torch (for covering a large area or for spot application of paint). The nozzles that come with the kit make it possible to work with enamels, varnishes, impregnations and primers (to work with water-based paint, you will have to buy an additional I-Spray nozzle, but Wagner accessories are not in short supply, and the price of consumables for this sprayer is quite moderate).

"Cool" household spray gun

Wagner is a big and well-known name in the world of painting equipment. The company specializes in professional tools and industrial equipment, but this model is considered household. It is suitable for small to medium projects such as painting furniture, fences or garage doors. However, despite its “household” status, the Wagner W 100 is neither a “low-cost” device nor a “disposable” one. It makes sense to buy such an airbrush if you prefer a quality tool and plan not to be limited to one project.