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Genius NX-9000BT

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Genius NX-9000BT
Product type
Bluetooth version
v 4.0
10 m
Sensor resolution
1600 DPI
Number of buttons
Scroll wheels
Power source
battery / 320 mAh /
Battery time
28 days
Size (LxWxH)
81x55x34 mm
50 g
Added to E-Catalog
july 2019
Works on any surface. Symmetrical. Automatically regulates power consumption.

Small and lightweight wireless mouse with a high-quality optical sensor, built-in lithium-polymer battery and energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It is positioned as a product of the basic price category, designed for use with laptops, tablets and gadgets that support the bluetooth connection of the manipulator. The manufacturer claims full compatibility with operating systems Windows, Mac OS X 10.10.3 (and higher), Android 4.3 (and higher).

Differs in compact dimensions and good ergonomics, which provides a comfortable grip even in the palm of considerable size. The design of the Genius NX-9000BT mouse is based on a high-quality BlueEye optical sensor with the ability to change the resolution of 800/1000/1200/1600 dpi. It functions stably on all popular types of work surfaces and provides extremely accurate cursor positioning. The wireless interface guarantees communication with the device at a distance of up to 10 m, and the capacity of the built-in Li-Po battery (320 mAh) is enough for 4 weeks of daily work of medium intensity. For users demanding on the appearance of the manipulator, the manufacturer offers three finishes: gold, silver and metallic grey.

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More Options

The main feature of the model is the ability to synchronize with proprietary software Smart Genius. With it, you can adjust any device settings: change the button assignments (especially important for left-handers, because the design of the mouse is symmetrical), adjust the glide sensitivity, scroll speed and click delay, set the DPI value from 800 to 1600 dpi. The application will even report the battery charge level Of course, the mouse can be used without software (and quite successfully), but with the latter it will be possible to unleash the full potential of the Genius NX-9000BT.

smart mouse

The device is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery, a full charge of which is enough for four weeks, depending on the activity of use. Charging is carried out via a USB connector, but the main thing is that the mouse is able to independently regulate the power consumption, i.e. if you do not touch it for a while, then a shutdown occurs.

Proprietary optical sensor

Unlike most modern mice, Genius NX-9000BT is equipped with a proprietary sensor - BlueEye. It works great on any surface, literally, from glass and marble to fabric and wood. There are no barriers to movement for this model.

Rubber and plastic

The mouse is made of lightweight plastic with rubber pads on the sides. This results in a low weight (50 g) and a comfortable position in the palm of your hand. We can confidently say that the device fits easily in any bag or backpack, and given the dimensions (81x55x34 mm), even in stylish women's clutches and men's purses.

A small mouse with a wide range of settings, well suited for those who often move around the city with a work computer, or prefer public places to work.