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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000

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Product type: mouse; Connection: radio; Sensor: optical; Type: notebook; Sensor Resolution (DPI): 1000; Buttons: 2; Cable: USB receiver;
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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000
Product type
radio / 2.4 GHz /
Sensor resolution
1000 DPI
Number of buttons
Scroll wheels
1 / wheel-button /
Power source
Battery time
10 months
In box
USB receiver
75 g
Added to E-Catalog
february 2011
Symmetry. Long battery life. Niche for the receiver in the case.
Low sensor resolution.

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The mouse from the eminent computer brand Microsoft is focused on use in tandem with a laptop. This is indicated by its small size and the presence of a special niche on the belly of the device for storing the radio signal transmitter (it works effectively within a radius of up to 4.5 m).

Optical sensor

Interaction with various surfaces lies on the shoulders of a precise optical sensor. The sensor is slightly shifted to the left relative to its standard location, which, however, does not affect the performance of the device. Given the low resolution of the sensor (1000 dpi), the mouse will fit for the vast majority of undemanding tasks.


The dimensions of the mouse can not be called gigantic at all. Moreover, its miniature body, almost 10 cm long and about 5 cm wide, can be inconvenient to hold with a large hand. In a small palm, it fits well, in addition, providing a pleasant tactile sensation when touching the plastic coating.

Standard set

The controls of the manipulator are two main keys and a scroll wheel located on a symmetrical body. No other buttons are provided by the design. All elements have a clear course and good responsiveness. On a single charge of a finger-type battery, the mouse can work up to 10 months in a row.


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 cannot boast of outstanding performance or any specific features. The mouse is assigned the role of a reliable "workhorse", with which it handles by 5 points.

Additional features mouse Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000:
  • Miniature USB receiver