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Bosch GKS 190 Professional 0601623000

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Bosch GKS 190 Professional 0601623000
case (bag)voltage 110 Vwithout additional accessories
Product typecircular
Power sourcemains (230 V)
Engine locationtransversely
Power1400 W
No load blade speed5500 rpm
Cutting equipment
Bar/blade size190 mm
Bore diameter30 mm
Cutting depth70 mm
Cutting depth (45° angle)50 mm
Saw angle56 °
In boxsaw blade
Noise level107 dB
Weight4.2 kg
Added to E-Catalogmay 2010
Cutting depth. Large tilt angle. Start button lock. Blowing sawdust. Quality power cord. Rubberized handles. Branch pipe for the vacuum cleaner.

Powerful and light saw - with a weight of 4.2 kg, it boasts a 1400 W motor that provides 5500 rpm. Thanks to this, the model can easily cope with hardwoods. Belongs to the class of hand-held circular saws powered by electricity. Another advantage is the impressive depth of cut (with a blade size of 190 mm, a saw cut of up to 70 mm is possible), as well as an excellent bevel cutting angle of up to 56 °. A turbofan is provided separately, the purpose of which is to clean the working area from dust and chips.

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Bosch Professional GKS 190 hand-held circular saw 1400 W circular saw blad

The GKS 190 hand-held circular saw by Bosch Professional with 190 mm saw blade diameter Flexible work in every work situatio... moren thanks to a high cutting depth (70 mm) and inclination (56°) Rapid sawing progress in soft and hardwood thanks to a high 1400 W motor output. No-load speed: 5500 min-1 Compact and ergonomic design for comfortable handling Items included: GKS 190, tungsten carbide circular saw blade, dust extraction adapter, parallel guide, hexagonal spanner, cardboard box (3165140469678)
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Bosch Professional Gks 190 Professional Blue 601623000

Hand-Held Circular Saw GKS 190 Professional FEATURES:- High cutting depth of 70 mm and up to 56° inclination- Chip ejection a... morend powerful turbo blower for clean cut surface and better view of the cutting line- Double-sided travel lock- Compact, robust design with Softgrip pad in the grip area and ergonomic additional handle- Aluminium base plate and closed pendulum protection cover made of die-cast aluminium
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Bosch GKS 190 19 cm 5500 RPM 1400 W 0601623000

Bosch GKS 190 19 cm 5500 RPM 1400 W
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Bosch Professional GKS 190 Handheld circular saw - 1400W

Bosch GKS 190 Professional Rundsav 1400W
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Bosch Bosch GKS 190

Circular Hand Saw / 1,400 Watt / 4.2 kg / 190 mm Blade Diameter / max. Cutting Depth at 90° 70 mm
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Large tilt angle

Bosch GKS-190 belongs to the category of professional circular saws for sawing large amounts of wood material. The model has a large cutting depth of 70 mm, adjustable using an arc scale. This indicator allows you to cut a thick beam and board. Separately, it is worth noting the maximum angle of inclination for this class of circular saws of 56 degrees for an oblique cut. At an inclination of 45 degrees, the circular freely dissolves the fifty-fifty board. Tilt adjustment is carried out step by step every 3 degrees.

Automatic engine shutdown

The circular saw is equipped with a 1400 W motor. When the carbon brushes are worn out, the circular is automatically switched off, preventing damage to the gearbox. Bosch GKS-190 works smoothly and without jerks, but quite noisy - 107 dB. Safety from accidental activation is provided by a start button blocker. Some users note that the start button itself is quite hard to press, but after two months of operation it “goes” easier. The power cord is long and does not tan in the cold, which makes it possible to actively use the tool in the winter season.

Design features

The cast aluminium sole is made without backlash and does not walk during the cut. It has a marking scale and two sighting recesses for straight and bevel sawing. Rubberized ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip and do not slip during operation. A good view of the workpiece is given by a turbofan that blows away chips and dust. Comes with a dust extraction pipe.

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