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What is IP67/68 and MIL-STD-810? Electronic Device Protection Standards
In simple words about common standards for protecting gadgets from all sorts of adversities
DAC for Hi-Fi audio: what is it and how to choose the right one?
What is a DAC, why is it needed and what characteristics should be taken into account when choosing a device
Speakers with power bank: a selection of five portable acoustic models with the function of charging gadgets
These energy-packed portable speakers rule the dance floor, boasting batteries that can generously share their stored energy reserves
How to choose a soundbar?
Is a soundbar the best solution for home theater or a compromise? How to select the appropriate soundbar. Complete guide.
Own DJ for open-air: TOP 6 powerful Bluetooth speakers
Portable audio systems with good headroom for indoor and outdoor use
How to spot an original JBL from a fake?
Let's look at examples of headphones and portable speakers
Use of NFC technology in household appliances, smart home and wearable devices
NFC is not only smart payments. Let's figure how and why this technology is used in other areas